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National Pharmacy Week Celebration Theme on "Know your medicine ask your Pharmacist" From 20th Nov to 25th Nov 2017

20th Nov 2017

Morning session : Blood Donation Camp (10.00AM-1.15PM) Organised in Basaveshwara Hospital in collaboration with Youth Red Cross wing, our 33 students voluntarily donated blood.




Afternoon session :

Guest lecture: Dr Roopashree, Dist. Hospital, ART Centre, Chitradurga.

Topic: Anti Retroviral Therapy



21st Nov 2017

Activity: - Poster Presented by the all the students of the V year Pharma D.





Debate programme on topics :

  1. Whether men are more achievers than women.
  2. We are sick since we are secret.
  3. Can medical professionals educate patients via social network .



22nd Nov 2017

Guest Lecture:

Dr. Gururaj Meravangi MS, Orthopaedic Department BMCH & Research centre

Topic: Drugs usage pattern and surgical prophylaxis in orthopaedic department

Dr. Ambrish MS, Head of Orthopaedic Department, BMCH & Research centre

Topic : Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis



Activity: Posters presented by IVPharma-D Students



23/12/ 2017

Guest Lecture: Dr Reshmi Department of community medicine BMCH & Research centre

Topic: Evolving the role of clinical Pharmacist.



Guest Lecture: Dr Deepak M D Department of Psychiatric medicine BMCH & Research centre

Topic: Interpretation and Assessment of psychiatric disorders.



Activity: Posters presentation by 3rd Pharm-D Students


24th Nov 2017

Guest Lecture:

Dr Harish, Department of Dermatology

Topic : Usage of Corticosteroids in dermatology department

Dr Kausar Murtaz, Department of General Medicine, BMCH & Research Centre

Topic: Complication of diabetes mellitus & its Management.



Activity: 2nd year Pharma-D Students Presented Posters on Cardiovascular Diseases.



25th Nov 2017

Guest Lecture:

Dr Yogendra, Head of Dermatology department, BMCH & Research Centre, Chitradurga.

Topic: Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions

Mr Anil Kumar, Deputy superintendent of Excise department

Mr Muhammed MD sadhaduthulla, Assistant Sub inspector of police Kote police station Chitradurga.



Activity: 1st year Pharm-D Students & 1st & 2nd year Diploma students Presented Posters on Human Anatomy and Physiology.