Faculty Development:

Research facilities are promoted with a view to encourage students and faculty to pursue Ph.D programs.

Laboratory Facilities:

The college has well equipped sophisticated laboratories, to impart practical knowledge about synthesis of drug molecules, isolation of drug molecules from natural sources, biological and pharmacological screening of drug molecules, manufacturing, formulation and development of drugs. The Institution also organizes various scientific sessions, conferences, guest lectures and also promotes students to attend workshops and conferences organized by various sophisticated research organizations with an aim to impart practical knowledge to the students.


A wide range of resources and services including texts, periodicals, journals are available. All core books in minimum 5 to 10 copies are available. Additional to the core books, books recommended by lecturers and wide range of reference books to meet the needs of your study and research are also available for extra reading.

Books may be borrowed for three weeks with the exception of Reference books (indicated by a label) which may not leave the library. Apart from the main college library, the college has also maintained departmental libraries in all the departments where the students can easily access required information of a particular subject.

Digital Library:

Digital Library is situated in main library of the college, which is equipped with 20 computers along with 2 Mbps broad band internet connection. Internet facilities are also available in all research and post graduate laboratories, departmental library and rooms of faculty members. Students are provided with free Internet accounts to access educational resources. Access to full text of all major research journals are also available free of charge from the computer network installed in the department. The students also have access to the Digital Library of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (Helinet), which also provides access to various online international journals.


The campus has an auditorium where the scientific sessions, conferences, cultural events, annual days, meetings, inter-college events are held.

Fitness Center:

The Fitness Centre is available in hostel and provides everything you need to get in shape and reach that fitness level you always wanted to attain.

Hostel Facility:

Excellent hostel facilities for students. Boys and ladies hostels are located in the campus itself so it makes easy access between college and students. The hostels and hostel facilities are of high quality and well equipped.

Sports Facility:

Students are encouraged to engage in physical education and for the overall development of personality. They are encouraged to participate in inter college competitions and also offer themselves for selection to the University team. The Cricket and Football grounds and the indoor sporting faculties are provided.


A fleet of buses are maintained by the college and they ply to all-important points as per the requirements of the students.


There are three convenient dining services locations on campus providing service to students, faculty and staff, and visitors to the College.