Department of Pharmaceutics

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Pharmaceutics
SJM College of Pharmacy
Chitradurga - 577502



  • Ph.D - Biotechnology (2009-2014) 
    Acharya nagarjuna university. Nagarjun nagar,
    GUNTUR, Andhra Pradesh : ---
  • M. Pharm - Pharmaceutics (2002-2004) 
    KLE’s College of Pharmacy,Belgaum
    Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru. : 74.32%
  • B. Pharm (1991-1995) 
    SJM College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga; 
    Rajiv Gandhi University Health Sciences, Bengaluru. : 70%

  • D. Pharm (1990-1991) 
    PES College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru.
    Board of Examining Authority, Bengaluru.: 67.2 %



  • Lecturer (March 15 to july2004) at SJM College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga
  • Senior Lecturer (2010 to 2011) at SJM College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga
  • Assistant Professor( 2011 till dated)

Teaching Experience

  • D.Pharm : 3 Years
  • B.Pharm : 11 Years
  • Pharm D : 3 Years
  • M.Pharm : 4 Years

Research Experience : 11 Years

Area of Interest in teaching and research

  • Optimization
  • Inventory control
  • Research and Development Novel and Herbal formulations
  • Formulation and Development ODT’s

Research Work

A. During Doctoral Studies

Title: Design, Formulation and Evaluation of Orodispersible tablets of anti- inflammatory and anti-emetic drugs using super disintegrants

B. During Masters

Title: A Comparative study on method of Preparation and Evaluation of Piroxicam Oro dispersible tablet

Research Publications

Number of Publications : 17 Publications

1. Snehalatha, Lakshmi Radhika, Yogananda R, Nagaraja TS, Vijay Kumar MMJ, Masareddy RS. Formulation and Evaluation of Piroxicam dispersible tablets using Natural disintegrants. J. Pharm. Sci. & Res. (2009), 1 (4), 146-150.

2. Snehalatha, ManasaGururaj , B.Shivakumar,. Development and Characterization of Mouth Dissolving tablets of Aceclophenac by Direct Compression technique. Int. J. Ph.Sci, May-Jun (2012), 2(3),199-205.

3. Vijay Kumar MMJ, Snehalatha.,II Yogananda R,II Nagaraja, TS II Shameer H III Jayachandran E III Sreenivasa GMII N-Substituted-Thiazolidin-4-Ones: Synthesis And Characterisation Of New Novel Anti-Inflammatory Agents. Int. J.Ph.Sci, May-August 2009 1(1), 42-54.

4. Vijay Kumar MMJ Snehalatha., Shameer,H., Jayachandran,E., Sreenivasa,G.M. “N-Substituted-Thiazolidin-4-Ones: Synthesis and Characterisation of New Novel Potential Anticonvulsant Agents”. Arch Pharm Sci & Res. 2009; 1(2) : 138-149.

5. Vijay kumar,M.M.J., Yogananda R., Snehalatha., Shameer,H., Jayachandran,E., Sreenivasa,G.M. “Synthesis and characterisation of novel N- Substituted -3-chloro-2- Azetidinones as Potential Anticovulsant Agents”. J Biomed Sci & Res. 2009;1(1): 1-10.

6. Yogananda, R., Nagaraja, T.S., Snehalatha,iJayadevaiah, K.V., Vijay Kumar, M.M.J.Comparative in vitro Bioequivalence Studies Of Designed, Branded And Generic Tablets Of Ciprofloxacin-250. Int. J.Ph.Sci, May-August 2009; 1(1):28-34.

7. Yogananda, R1, RakeshBulugodla1 , Nagaraja, T.S1, Snehalatha1, Lakshmi Radhika. G.,Formulation and Evaluation of Mucoadhesive buccal patches of Tramadol Hydrochloride. Am. J. PharmTech Res. 2012; 2(2).

8. Lakshmi Radhika, G.,1 Yogananda, R.,1 Chinna Devi,G,2 Snehalatha,1 Nagaraja,T.S.,1 . Design And Evaluation Of Artemether Tablets. Int.J.Ph.Sci, May-August 2009; 1(1):182-187.

9. Lakshmi Radhika.G., Snehalatha., B. Shiva kumar. A Review on “Approaches in Technologies of Taste Masking of Oral Dosage Forms”. Am. J. PharmTech Res. 2012; 2(3): 1-8.

10. P. Divya , Snehalatha, D.R. Bharathi, N.Ragavendra Naveen,. Optimization of cross linked tragakanth and comparision of drug release rate profile with synthetic superdisintegrants on metoclopramide Orodispersible tablets. Int. J. Ph.Sci, May-Jun 2013; 4(3):2500-2505.

11. JekkuNagaSubbaReddy, Nagaraja T.S, R. Yogananda, Snehalatha,. Design and Characterization of Solbutamol sulphate Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches. Int. J. Ph.Sci, July-August 2012; 2(4):14-21.

12. Ravi Kumar Zinka, Snehalatha, T.S. Nagaraja, R. Yogananda,.Formulation,Evaluation and study of effect of Hydrophillic polymers on release rate of Cephalexin floating tablets. Int. J. Drug discovery and Herbal Sci, Jan-Mar 2013; 3(1):541-348.

13. Ravi Kumar Zinka, Snehalatha, T.S. Nagaraja,D.R.Bharathi,.Enhancement of bioavailability and gastric residence time of cephalexin by hydrodynamically balanced system. Int. J. Ph.Sci, Mar 2013; 4(3):2492-2499.

14. SudheerNadendla*, Snehalatha, T.S. Nagaraja, R. Yogananda. Effect of stirring speed on In Vitro Evaluation of Eudragit floating Microspheres of Ramipril. Int. J. Drug discovery and Herbal Sci, Jan-Mar 2013; 3(1):579-583.

15. T.Vyjayanthimala1*, Snehalatha, T.S. Nagaraja, T.Mallamma,.An Review of Nanotechnology. Am. J. PharmTech Res.2013; 3(3).

16. T.Mallamma*1, Snehalatha1, T.S.Nagaraja1, T.Vyjayanthimala1.Formulation and 1Evaluation of Pantoprazole and Domperidone Mouth Dissolving Tablet Using Different SuperdisintegrantsAm. J. PharmTech Res. 2013; 3(3).

17. Snehalatha, Shivakumar B, Sambhashiva Rao KRS, Sudhaker P. Formulation And Evaluation Of Mouth Dissolving Tablets Of Metaclopramide Hydrochloridw By Direct Compression Technique.

Poster Presentations

Number of Presentations : 06

1. Manasagururaj, Snehalatha, D.R. Bharath, Lakshmi Radhika.Presented a poster at 63rd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress entitled “Design and Characterization of Aceclofenac with Paracetamolrapimelts” in December 2012. BENGALURU.

2. SanthoshVerma, Snehalatha, T.S. Nagaraj, R. Yoganand.Participated and presented a poster titled “An Approach to Taste Masking of Ondansetron Hydrochloride and Formulation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets " 63rd IPC at 2011. Bengaluru.

3. Zinka Ravi Kumar, Snehalatha, T.S. Nagaraj, R.Yoganand.Participated as Delegate and presented a poster as author on “Liquisolidtechnique for enhancement of dissolution properties of Tinidazole” in Poster Session at the 63nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2011 held in Bangalore from 16th-18thDecember 2011.

4. DivyaPatepalam, Snehalatha, D.R. Bharathi, T.S. Nagaraj.Participatedand presented a poster as author on “Optimization of cross linked tragacanth and comparison of drug release profile with synthetic superdisintegrants by direct compression and sublimation method"inPoster Session at the 64thIndianPharmaceutical Congress 2012 held in Chennai.

5. Vyjayanthimala .t, snehalatha, t.s Nagaraja, t. mallamma. A Comparitive Study On Effect Of Different Super Disintegrants On Drug Release Profiles Of Piroxicam Rapid Disintegrating Tablets By Direct Compression Method. at 64th IPC Chennai

Refresher / Orientation Courses

Number of Courses Attended nil

Number of Workshops/Conferences attended : 08

  • Attended APTI Conference at Hubli in 2003.
  • Attained a national level seminar on “Recent Trends in Pharmacy Education” organized by S.J.M.College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga in Nov-2010.
  • Participated in 62nd IPC at Manipal in Dec-2010.
  • Attended a guest lecture on “Dendrimers” by Dr. SrinivasMutalik held at S.J.M.College of Pharmacy, Chitradurga in Nov-2011.
  • Attended two day guest lecture on “Technological advancements in Transdermal Drug delivery systems” & “Newer trends in magnetic drug delivery systems” by Dr. M.Subramanian Natesan held at S.J.M. College of Pharmacy in May-2012.
  • Attended One day National Seminar on Applications of Nanotechnology inhealth Care” on 30thBijapur, Karnataka.:June 2012 organized by BLDEAS College of Pharmacy,
  • Participated in 63rd IPC Bengaluru in Dec-2011.
  • Attended as a Resource person at the national conference on Recent trends in pharmacy held on 11th march 2016. Yerrakota,Yemmignur Andhra Pradesh.
  • Appointed as evaluator for oral and poster presentation in the national conference on Recent trends in pharmacy held on 11th march 2016. Yerrakota, Yemmignur Andhra Pradesh.

Innovations / Contributions in Teaching

a) Design of curriculum

Participated in B.Pharm course curriculum workshop curriculum designing, question paper setting and scrutiny on 13th july 2016 held at RGUHS Bengaluru

Teaching methods

  • Course Teaching Plan is made available in the Library.
  • Learning objectives will be defined at the beginning of each class.
  • Lecture – Power point Presentations and Black Board method.
  • Group Discussions, Plenary sessions are conducted regularly.
  • Hands on training is emphasized during practical training.

b) Evaluation methods

  • Quiz in each class to assess daily progress of students.
  • Viva-Voce during practical sessions was conducted.
  • Regular Class test were conducted.

c) Preparation of resource materials including Books reading materials laboratory manuals etc

  • Lab Manual was Prepared and supplied to students.
  • Chapter wise hand outs and notes was prepared and supplied to students at the end of each chapter.

d) Remedial Teaching /student counselling (academic) :

  • Remedial teaching classes were conducted to weaker students and repeaters.
  • Counselled students with a focus to impart professionalism and improve subject knowledge during weekly practical sessions.

Membership of Professional Bodies:

  • 1. Life Member Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India (APTI).
  • 2. Member Karnataka State Pharmacy Council (KSPC)

Extension work /community service:

  • 1. Community work such as values of National Integration, secularism, democracy, socialism, Humanism, peace, scientific temper, floor of Drought relief, family planning, Public Health AIDS, etc.
  • Positions held/Leadership role played in Organizations lined with Extension work
  • and National Service Scheme (NSS) or any other similar activity
  • nil
  • Co-curricular activities

Co-ordinator for Synergizers/Titrators/Extractors/Interactors/Crushers

  • Enrichment of Campus Life

Member of institutional sports and cultural committee.

  • Member of the Academic Committee
  • .
  • Member of the Sports and Cultural
  • Member of the Teacher Mentor Committee
  • Member of the Hostel Committee
  • Member of the Staff Welfare Committee
  • Member of the Grievance Redressal Committee
  • Member of the Women Empowerment Committee
  • Joint secretary of the Alumni Committee
  • Member of the Graduation day/Pharmafest/Freshers/Sendoff Organizing Comittee
  • Member of the catering committee.
  • Member of the G-PAT Committee


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