Feedback from Parents

Student Name
Age (years)

Strongly Agree(SA), Agree(A), Neutral (N),Disagree(D), Strongly Disagree(SD)

1. Securing admission in the SJMCP for my ward is a matter of pride for me SA    A    N    DA    SD
2. The admission process in the SJMCP is fair and accurate SA    A    N    DA    SD   
3. My ward is improving his knowledge base through interaction with professors of the SJMCP. SA    A    N    DA    SD
4. The discipline in SJMCP is good SA    A    N    DA    SD
5. Learning value in terms of knowledge concepts, ability and broadening prospective SA    A    N    DA    SD
6. I have great respect to the SJMCP SA    A    N    DA    SD
7. SJMCP is one of the best Institution SA    A    N    DA    SD
8. SJMCP website is very informative regularly updated SA    A    N    DA    SD
9. The curriculum incorporates recent changes in the area SA    A    N    DA    SD
10. Examination results are declared timely SA    A    N    DA    SD
11. The SJMCP Employees are cooperative SA    A    N    DA    SD
12. The changes introduced in the SJMCP in recent years are progressive. SA    A    N    DA    SD
Suggestions for further improvement